Get to know the purpose

First we like to know your idea and purpose behind the production. To get this, we’ve gathered relevant questions in a form. You can fill out a questionnaire form in few minutes, or we can discuss it over a call.

Concept & Script writing

Once we get basic information, we initiate the concept with creative team and provide you a basic script draft for review. After discussion, we refine the flow of the script and make it smooth and professional.

Storyboard & Illustrations

In this phase, we create visuals to represent the script. With the illustrated storyboard, you’ll get the look and feel of the overall video. We make sure to visualize and illustrate the content in most creative way.

Voiceover Recording

We got a team of professional voiceover artists on board. We provide your desired accent and language in voiceover.

Animation & Editing

This is the phase where storyboard comes to life. We animate the video and sync the visuals on voiceover. In last, animation tweaks with the sound effects and background music and then we get ready to roll.