Explainer Video

Want to explain your business to your audience?

      You’d need an Explainer video. It’s a short animated video that explains your product or service in a simple, engaging and interactive way. The attractive visuals appeals and involve the viewer in the video, as well as in the content very quickly. Explainer video is the most successful tool nowadays as it has the highest rate of conversion. It can describe any industry process like educational, healthcare, informational, financial etc.. Generally it explain the offering of your company to your target audience in the most interactive and engaging way.

Client's feedback

My sales has been increased for about 25% within 3-4 months after spreading my Explainer video to my audience. I’m surprisingly happy with the results!

Explainer video process has six phases

Script Writing

Script describes the problem statement, potential gaps and the solutions in the flow.


Storyboarding is a conceptualization of the script, in which we draw rough sketches to describe the visuals.


The real look and feel of the video is made in the illustration phase, where we create complete scenarios as a colored storyboard.


The recording of the script as a narration in the video. It helps the viewer to understand the visual even more better.


The movements and motions of the illustrated storyboard has been made in the Animation phase.


The  background music and sound effects are added in the animation to give the real effects in the video.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let's create Explainer video for your brand and get your sales boosted!

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