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Inceptious Studio is one of the best explainer video companies in the USA that offers the best video explainer services to the customers when it comes to meeting the clients expectation, and delivering compelling video animated by the high-end practices. We’re a explainer video animation agency that brings your vision to life, and converts your dreams into reality – with explanatory videos.

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Perks Of Our Explainer Video Service

Looking for an explainer video company in the United States? Then you’re at the right place. Inceptious Studio offers the best explainer video services to the clients worldwide, bringing their vision to life. All of the services are top-tier, especially tailor-made keeping the customer’s needs in mind.

Cohesive Creativity

Our professional team of explainer video always sit together to bring ideas that are compelling and creative.

Momentum For Capturing Moments

Our vision is to capture all of your special moments in a video, our best explainer videos.

Industry Innovation

We as a leading 2d explainer video company are meeting the industry standard, blending innovation and creativity.

Colorful Motion Graphics

We have a cohesive team of video explainer experts who will add a colorful moment of motion in your lives.

Extraordinary Explainer Video Services

We will offer you a wide range of explainer video services in the US which includes;

2d Video Animation
We offer 2d video animation services that come beneath our explainer video production services benchmark. Our creative 2d video animator experts create the most alluring video, that has the perfect motion, and movement of the character for a seamless view.
3d Video Animation
We do offer 3d video production animation services which are way better than the 2d video animation. Some clients ask for 3d video production that’s why we’ve been offering this service as well. All of our explainer video services have 3d video illustration and animation included in it for a complete look.
Whiteboard Animation
Our white board animation service also comes beneath the explainer video animation services. All of our clients who are always craving for the white board video animation services can reach out to us, and we will guarantee to give them the best video quality.
Promotional Videos
Businesses who deal in commercial videos usually look for promotional explainer video services that help them in marketing the key values to the customers. All of our promotional video production services are top-notch, giving that extra edge of creativity and comfort to them.
Motion Graphics Video Animation
We do offer motion graphics video animation services. However, it’s an animated graphics design, but since motion graphics get into the scene, there’s been a debate about the difference between the two. We as a leading video animation company strive to give the best, always focusing on the quality!

Our Result-Driven
Explainer Video Production Process

As a team of professional explainer video production experts, we offer a wide range of services and to meet the expectation of the clients, we follow a quality-enriched process that assists us in building masterpieces. Here’s the complete overview of the process;

Brief Discussion

Initially, our business development experts have a call with you to know about the specific requirements regarding the explainer videos. All of the details taken by the clients are then copied in a document which we share with the rest of the team to start working on the explainer video production.

Script Writing

We then start with the script writing for the video, where our script writing team “content marketers” work on the creative scripts, and share it with the clients. If any changes are given then we improvise it, and then proceed further with the storyboard designing.

Storyboard Design

We then work on the storyboard designing, where our creative designers, and heads work on the quick storyboarding to deliver the most compelling designs to the customers. All of our explainer video services include the storyboarding step as it’s one of the essential ones.


Once our script and storyboarding is accepted by the client, we start working on the video voice over. We have different voice over artists who help us with the video voice over activity, and deliver the most compelling animated video to the clients.


And this is the most interesting step as here we work on the video animation. Our expert explainer video experts work on the animation of the video, adding motion, and graphics to the character – giving a more lively look and feel to the video.

Post Editing

And we’re done! As a leading explainer video animation agency, we then work on the post editing activity which occurs very rarely as most of the times, videos are accepted by the clients.

Why Choose Inceptious Studio For Explainer Video Animation Service?

There are various factors that set us apart as your choice for explainer video services. What distinguishes us from the competition is our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional value to our clients, along with the emphasis we place on fostering clear and effective communication with them. At the core of our business, we recognize our clients as invaluable assets, and we consistently excel in delivering satisfaction through our explainer video production services. From the initial concept development to the final presentation of the explainer video, we consistently prioritize our clients’ preferences and aspire to be their go-to partner for top-notch explainer video services.

Key Highlights
Setting Bars High To Success

We always value the satisfaction of our clients and want to give them the best animation video services in the world. Our vision and mission has made us the best video production agency in the world, and that’s why people are reaching us from all around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inceptious studio is a leading animated company that strives to offer the best explainer video production services. An explainer video is a concise video typically employed for marketing or sales endeavors. Its primary objective is to succinctly showcase a company’s product, service, or business concept, effectively capturing the audience’s attention. These videos are commonly integrated into a company’s landing pages or prominently showcased on the homepage of their website.

2D video animation involves crafting the illusion of motion for characters and objects situated within a two-dimensional realm. While classical 2D animation was manually drawn, advancements have enabled the use of computer-generated techniques in this process as well.

3D video animation comprises the three dimensional video animation where the animator is responsible for creating video characters movement within the three dimensional state. These animators are responsible for converting entities into motion, backed with alluring music, and movement.

The cost for explainer video production cost somewhere between $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the type of the video, its complexity, and the experience of the video production company. 

Mostly, a one minute 2d video animation service cost around $100 to $10,000 or even higher. However, the pricing will be exceeded due to different factors like the style of animation, the experience of the company, the quantity of the characters and the duration of the video.

The cost for 3d video animation will cost somewhere between $100 to $15000 or more depending on the type of video, the experience of the video animation agency, and other details that are provided by the customers.

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